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Vintage Costume Jewelry: Upcycled & Repurposed (Shared)

Vintage costume jewelry is one of those things that’s really fun to upcycle into something new. Why? Because…well, they’re pretty, and sparkly, and girlie… and if you’re lucky enough to inherit some from your family, the pieces have a special meaning, since they are a connection not only to the past, but to the past of someone you love.

Enamel flower pins, rhinestone brooches, orphaned earrings with clusters of pearls – even shoe clips have new life once they’re upcycled into something new. Broken jewelry? There’s a reason you kept it, isn’t there? Check out the photos below and see what some creative folks have done with vintage costume jewelry and maybe you’ll be inspired to go on an old jewelry treasure hunt of your own!

*One final note: Before you disassemble or repurpose any vintage jewelry, make sure it’s not valuable! 

A few more versions of a vintage brooch bouquets…

vintage brooch bouquets

Deposit for a gray brooch posy -- made to order
Deposit on a ruby red heirloom brooch bridal bouquet -- made-to-order bridal bouquet

Not a bouquet type? How about a simple arrangement…

vintage brooch bouquet

Pretty packaging…

Great use for old costume jewelry...

wrapping paper and old costume jewelry

Or redesign them into something entirely new…

Vintage Brooch Necklace

Handmade necklace from old costume jewelry.

Vintage White Wedding & Gold Rhinestone Bridal Bracelet, Heirloom Floral Cluster Earring Bracelet OOAK

buckle using vintage jewelry Trash to Treasure: Ten DIY Projects Using Old Jewelry
Cute vintage jewelry belt buckle (above) and embellished purse (below) by Georgia Peachez

repurposed purse Trash to Treasure: Ten DIY Projects Using Old Jewelry

How about some home decor?

Jewelry tree

cheap costume jewelry = fabulous chandelier! will start collecting old baubles now...

Victorian Embellished Metal Picture Frames covered in Vintage and Costume Jewelry Pearls and Handpainted Charms

Sparkling Baby Blue Crystal and Rhinestone Jeweled Picture Frame OOAK

Vintage Sparkle Wreath

Gold and Pearl Vintage Jewelry Christmas by BrendaKristieandToni, $149.99

TO DO: Gather broken pieces, old beaded necklaces, and other vintage jewelry to embellish small wall mirror for the hallway  Costume jewelry mirror by georgiapeachez

 vintage jewelry brooches on handbag
Handbag covered with costume jewelry

junk jewelry windchime

Napkin rings from old costume jewelry
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