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DIY Spice Shaker

These spice shakers are so easy. These can be used for just about anything! Salt, sugar, herbs, spices, baking supplies, etc.

You will need:

-empty container of salt that has the metal spout

-mason jar

-box cutter


-something to put inside!

First, tear off the top of an empty salt container. You’ll then cut around the container where the white lid meets the brown cardboard stuff. A box cutter is good for this.

Now trace around your mason jar onto the white lid. You could’ve done this before step 1. Their order doesn’t matter.

Now cut around your tracing. The cardboard stuff is pretty thick around the edges so it can be sort of tricky.

Then get your mason jar ring and put the paper under it. The paper should stay if you traced right because the metal ring has a bit of a lip. The lip will overlap the paper and make it stay put when you screw on the ring.

And voila, You are done!


Cut out a piece of paper from an atlas to the shape of the lid, including the spout. You could put any cool piece of paper in there – and you could write what’s in the container on the lid! Or, use chalkboard paper/paint… just use chalk and wipe it off when you change what’s inside!