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Decorating with “Junk”

Decorating With “Junk”

I just discovered a blog with amazingly unique, beautiful and jealousy-inducing ideas. Funky Junk Interiors is a blog that you need to visit and peruse through the posts. (I’m NOT getting paid to do this!!! The author of this blog doesn’t even know I exist.) Here are some of my favorites! Let’s play a game!!! Where are the big, ugly speakers in this picture? Can’t find them? That’s because they are INSIDE the lovely wooden trunk!!! Seriously! How classy to hide those speakers in something so rustic and beautiful!!! What’s missing in this picture? THE CORD to the clock, silly! Yes, she hid it using the lattice and other “junk.” Get this, it is not only cute, it’s functional. Hooks for keys, box for pens, papers, etc. Love it!!! This crazy headboard nade from an old sign may not be for everyone, but it certainly is the bomb for many!!! Think of a teenage boy or rebellious daughter. Would they not be the teen with the coolest decorated room out of all their friends? I think so!!! Maybe this would make them want to keep their room clean so everyone could see it. Your decorating dilemma is now solved. I’ve always loved how people use ladders as decor. This is one of the reasons why! So dainty, petite and lovely. May I have a used wooden step ladder, please? Why not use your old rusty canning lids to make a unique wreath? It sounds like a great idea to me. Doesn’t this make you want to build a rustic outbuilding in your yard? It does me! Old windows, flower boxes with an old gate, weathered wood, coca-cola sign, rusty tools, tin lid wreath, gorgeous dog! This has it all. Where is the spot for this baby? Have you ever thought to use an old horse gate for a coat rack? Probably not, but I bet you are rethinking that idea after seeing this. The bench over the shoes is to die for. Can I please find junk like this!!! I knew my husband was saving old tires for something! Now I know what it is! Isn’t he thoughtful to want to make me these tire plant boxes(?) for me? Yummy!Board and batten backsplash? I would know what that is unless somebody told me it was this sophisticated look. She’s is nice enough to share the secret of how to do this in your kitchen.

I think that is enough of the inspiration and beauty I can share with you from this blog about decorating with funky junk. If you weren’t inspired and in awe by that, you have a problem. Give Donna a shout out! I’m going to look for more junk for my already junky house!!!