Initial Impression

You all know that I love letters. Mostly because I think typeface is beautiful, but the fact that they’re also quick and easy doesn’t hurt either.

(Hobby Lobby magnet, tied on to a plain white box.)

You can make initials out of whatever you’ve got laying around.



You could even get all hoity toity and use bedazzled ornaments like Martha does.

When I saw this idea I was inspired to go even bigger…..without getting too big…..that “R” is kinda creeping me out.

I printed up my letter on the computer, then cut it out using the fanciest cardboard I could find.

You could skip the cardboard, but I wanted it sturdy enough that it wouldn’t rip. I grabbed a book from my stash, otherwise known as “Things Our Dog Chewed Up That I Can Still Use”, glued it to the cardboard, then cut it out.*

* If your paper isn’t as transparent as mine, you could glue onto the printed side of the box, which would give you a plain white back. I just did both sides.

Add some ink to the edges if you want, punch a hole on top, and tie it on.

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